Number Tracing Worksheets

Number Tracing will help improve the handwriting of kids. This worksheet contains number tracing from 1 to 10. Before practicing this worksheet, kids need to practice tracing numbers from 1-9 separately. I’ve given ten worksheets of each number for better practice. Check the below links mentioned :
Tracing number 1 worksheets, Tracing number 2 worksheets, Tracing number 3 worksheets, Tracing number 4 worksheets, Tracing number 5 worksheets, Tracing number 6 worksheets, Tracing number 7 worksheets, Tracing number 8 worksheets, Tracing number 9 worksheets. For better practice, Let your kids use crayons for tracing for the first time.

Number one is easy to write because it has only one vertical line. Number 5 may not be as hard to write as number 8. Number 8 may look technical in writing, and it will help in writing technical words. “8” consists of double “0” placed on each other. Once a kid can write figure 8 very well, he should write number 5 very well. Tracing number four is very easy to do – kids can easily do this by writing the letter “L” first and crossing it with a single vertical line. Tracing Number Nine – Number nine (9) is easy to write. Write “0” first and then put a vertical line in the front of the “0”.

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10 Worksheets for Number Tracing :

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