Dot Drawing Worksheets

This dot drawing, also called dot-to-dot worksheets, contains ten different images for practicing. It is a great way to teach your kids counting and tracing fun to strengthen these skills. After connecting the dots given in the worksheets reveal fun images, the kids will love doing them. They will automatically get an interest in drawing and it helps to improve multiple important skills like eye-hand coordination, coloring images, numbers, etc. These connect the dots worksheets are free and can be printed out and handed over to your kids. First, let your kids connect the dots as per the numbers given beside each dot then color it.

10 Free Printable Dot Drawing Worksheets :

dot to dot worksheets

dot to dot drawing worksheets

connecting dots worksheet

dot number drawing

dot number drawing worksheet

dots connecting worksheet

dots connecting worksheets

connecting dots worksheets

dot number drawing worksheets

dot to dot drawing worksheet

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